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Advocacy Days

Congressional Advocacy Training

YLI’s Congressional advocacy training is a precursor to the annual Capitol Hill Advocacy Day. Here, young leaders come to understand how policies are made through the Congress and the Senate and the differences between.


Students learn about best practices on how to conduct Congressional visits and how to engage with their elected representatives. This engaging and practical training provides students the opportunity to practice mock interviews as well as formulate practice questions and debates based on a specific issue.


This training also serves as a prerequisite to the Capitol Hill Advocacy Day, which provided the student participants and young leaders with real life experiences on how to effectively advocate with their elected officials on issues that matter most to them.


Capitol Hill Advocacy Day

YLI leads a youth delegation to Capitol Hill, annually, to engage with elected officials on issues that reflect their own views, concerns, and experiences. Participants are tasked with researching policies and pieces of legislation about the specific topics in which they wish to advocate.


This event empowers students to better understand the political process and strategies for effective advocacy with the government in order to bring about positive social change. Students gain a solid understanding of the best practices on how to conduct a congressional visit and how to maintain a long-lasting, impactful relationship with their elected representative.


Through this program, students walk away with a regenerated purpose of their duty and obligation for active citizenship.

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