What We Do

Our Mission: To equip, enable, empower and engage young leaders to become social innovators and agents of change.

YLI seeks to develop leadership skills in youth, ages 11 to 22, through a wide variety of leadership training forums, workshops and seminars. Each budding young leader will be challenged with highly interactive, mind-shifting and team-building exercises that build confidence and the courage to explore new ideas and new ways of thinking.  The participants will have the opportunity to network, interview, collaborate, build relationships and lead conversations that are creative and intuitive with other like-minded, aspiring young leaders.  Our youth leaders will learn to master new skills in the areas of time management, goal setting, communication, storytelling, problem solving, critical thinking, critical analysis, and strategic planning, among others.


Areas of Focus

Our work falls into four primary areas of focus: interpersonal skills development, conflict resolution, ethical leadership and civics.

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training TOPICS

YLI offers a wide variety of training forums, workshops and seminars for middle school, high school, and college students in our four areas of focus.

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Capitol Hill advocacy day

YLI leads a youth delegation to Capitol Hill, annually, to engage with elected officials on issues that reflect their own views, concerns and experiences.

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networking opportunities

YLI connects youth with like-minded change makers and opens doors to professional and leadership opportunities.