Young Leaders Institute


We believe in the power of young leaders, who are not limited by imagination or self expression, rising to make the world a better place.



To motivate, inspire and empower young people to become social innovators and agents of change.


Young Leaders Institute is all about active leadership- being in the present- and acknowledging the moment of NOW!  The journey is full of thought-provoking discussions, skill and attitude development, collaboration and team gatherings. The most notable features that make Young Leaders Institute unique are as follows:

  • inspirational storytelling                                                 

  • interpersonal reflection

  • communication skills building

  • identity recognition / perception

  • framing a personal narrative

  • leadership skills development

  • teamwork / collaboration / innovation

  • community engagement

  • public speaking and open discussion

  • common ground

  • global citizenry


Nadia Hassan

Meet Our Founder

Nadia S. Hassan is an entrepreneur, social justice advocate, media commentator, and nationally renowned public speaker.   Nadia has an MBA from Bentley University, where she did her thesis in Islamic Finance and the Islamic Economic Model.  In 2011, Nadia founded the Villa Park Peace Coalition as a means to counteract hate in Orange County and has since been fervently outspoken on issues of bigotry, racism and religious intolerance.  Her activism has gained her media attention on CNN, Washington Post, Al Jazeera, USA Today and many other media outlets as well as board and committee appointees with several non-profit and interfaith organizations.  Nadia shares her personal stories and experiences through writing, education and public speaking to empower diverse groups of youth across the country.  Nadia is currently serving as a Girl Scout Troup leader under the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital.  Nadia empowers the girls she mentors with her mantra to "live with purpose" and "to love for others what you love for yourself".